Thursday, January 29, 2009

Running in Slush

I was so grossed out that every time I got on my mileage was not changing!!! I feel like 7 degree temperature is a good enough excuse, but after seeing a few people out, I decided not so much. So far my mile log is averaging out to be only 1 mile a day (I did go on vacation for the first week of Jan, but I am not letting myself off since the resort did have a fitness club and I purposely did not pack shoes). My goal is to not end the year with that type of numbering... so I put on my running shoes and ran in slush just to be able to update that little number on the side of my page. I cannot believe that was enough motivation for me to get out and run, but it worked. It was even enough for me to sign up for my first race of the year- "The Frigid Five," and will be running that in two weeks. Then my second race will be a leg of the OKC marathon relay. Heck, who knows, maybe by November I will actually be running my first half marathon. I never thought I would even think about it, but five today seemed like cake walk, where as that used to be my long day. Perhaps I will go for six on Saturday...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Australia Day!

Today is Australia's Independence Day, or something similar to. Right now Alfie's family and friends downunder are celebrating their day off at the the beach and having a BarBQ party, or sitting courtside watching the talent of Federer and Nadal swinging their raquets at the Australian Open. All of which is being done with a beer in one hand (or both).

Point in case-true blue aussies

School here has been canceled (yeah! snow day!) due to the ice storm that hits OK every year. So we will be joining them, via tv on the couch, but still with a beer, to watch the next big match tonight. I even made brownies for the occassion. However after tasting them, they would be more comparable to bread with a chocolate flavor. I have never really thought of myself as a terrible baker, but man, these were ugly. Even with a box mix. Messing up these brownies reminds me of the last time I ruined them. We were visiting the inlaws a several years back, and I wanted to make a good impression so I offered to cook a "traditional" American meal. This included brownies (they are a favorite of mine as you can tell) for dessert. But they were horrible! I could not figure out the grams for measuring or the Celcius for cooking! Converting in math was never a priority. I saw no reason to pay attention to a measuring system I would never need to use. Hindsight is 20/20.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Dog House

I went to my first bible study tonight in a long time. I was very excited as it is a Resolution of mine to be involved in my church, and because my husband works in the evenings, so I would have a chance to meet some people. We did a study of the fruits of the Spirit. And I left knowing I needed to work on my patience, kindness, humility, pride... well basically all of them. And I had every good intention on really working on them. That was before I walked in to find our leather ottoman's corner chewed up....

Then I called my husband to tell him, and let off some of that pissed anger I had going on, but he wouldn't answer! Aggghhh!! I didn't know which was more frustrating, him not answering, or coming home to another object destroyed by a dog that gets walked every day. A dog, might I add, that I did not want. I begged him not to get, knowing we already had one great dog, another one would just upset the perfect balance we already had.
I could have worked on the fruits of the Spirit, and should have. But I should have had at least one day to prepare myself!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historical Moments

I watched a world event make its way into history today. I do not pretend to keep up with CNN everynight, or the Times every morning. To be honest until recent years, I didn't know who the speaker of the house was. So I am probably not the best one to be talking about politics, but President Obama gave a darn good speech today. Not being a public speaker myself, I could not believe how well he had it memorized and than addressed the crowd. I was impressed. In other history making news, we watched his speech during class. Not sure if that is allowed, but it was history in the making, right?

In other news my Dogeared necklace broke while running (mine was on gold thread, so it looked better than this one). Even though my wish is now suppose to come true, I really liked that necklace... {sigh}...

Friday, January 16, 2009


I. Am. Pathetic.

It all started with dinner in front of the television (the hubs was working late). Wouldn't you know there was an unbelievable CSI on that I just couldn't turn off? Which of course ended up being a "To Be Continued" episode, with the next episode being the sequel. Of course I have already watched the first half, so at this point I am dedicated to solving the crime. So I TiVo Greys and Private Practice, solved the mystery, and then watched every Tivo'd show! I had planned on catching up on some extra Zzz's but was in a TV addiction trance. Even when the hubs went to bed, I barely moved from my couch.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I have finally added miles to my log. A big whopping four miles. After weeks of holiday parties and vacation, I am feeling every mile in every part. Today I am trying to figure out something better to do with my time than going back for more.

Although...I should have enough anger energy after the new kid, second day, laughed in my face when asked to do his math. Usually when faced with an irritating exsistance, such as him, I am silently thankful for the perfect motivation to go for a long run. And this kid is worse than any child I have ever had. I want to wipe the smirk off his face, then cut off all his hair, so he cannot put pencils and other objects in it. I want to tape his mouth shut and rip it off everytime he mutters a curse word to me and other students. Then I would like to show him a mirror everytime he called someone fatty or worse. And after that, when I call his mom, I want to ask what is wrong with her (the rest of this sentence could and should end now) that she doesn't take care of the problem at home? Seriously. Get a clue. And a backbone.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


A brand new year brings a brand new blog. I have no idea how I even got started lurking about the blogs, but somehow it became part of my daily routine. Email, facebook, blogger.

As the hubs and I sat around making our list of New Years Resolutions, I decided it was time to become a part of the blogging world. So Resolution number 7, was to "delurk". By the time we had gotten back from our Mexican vacation, I had talked myself out of creating a blog. I mean what would I write about? What would the title be? Why make a blog that no one would read? Then this Saturday morning, as I was making my first cup of coffee, I realized that if I gave up so easily on Resolution number 7, how was I going to be successful in Resolution number 5, lose the last 10 (cough... err 15) pounds. So with that... here I am. If for nothing else I will now be able to cross off number 7. Done. First accomplishment of the year.

New Years Resolutions

Things that you will undoubtly read about as I continue my decent into the blogging world, are my Resolutions for the year. So I am making my usually very private list, very public. Hopefully it is enough motivation to actually accomplish them.

(Resolution #1) My quest to find a new job. I have decided teaching is not it, but with background in little else, and with the current state of the economy, I have yet to figure out what it will be. I am 100% sure I could work at Starbucks and enjoy it more then my current postition, however, I need insurance. Really good insurance, that would pay for a baby. Yes, I believe it is time to procreate. If only it were that easy. I won't say much on this topic, except that I resent that my sex life has come to peeing on a stick. Though it has only been five cycles, all the waiting between makes it seem like forever. I wanted to include getting knocked up on my list, but I decided that would be cruel to myself, for it is nothing I can actually control. So instead I put lose weight (#5). While eveyone around me is getting big with healthy pregnancy weight, I will lose.
(#2) Is the logging my miles I run this year. I saw this on a blog I follow, I and I think if I actually keep a running record, I might get more into it, and stay more consistant.
(#3) Run in a race. What is the point of all this running if I don't do something with it?
(#4) Save. The hubs and I plan on going to Bali for a wedding in July. Enough said on why saving is on the list.
(#5) Mentioned above, lose weight.
(#6) Volunteer. I have plenty of time to do somethig productive, because my husband works alot!
(#7) Create a blog.
(#8) Work on backyard. I will need to post a picture, so you can fully understand what two Boxers can do in a day.
(#9) Become involved in my church. I go. I sit. I listen. I leave. Not quite the point, me think.
(#10) Run around the lake. I have always wanted to do it, and it drives me crazy that my husband has done it with his ex-girlfriend, although he walked it. It is about 9-10 miles, depending on who you ask. Easy for a beautiful Spring Saturday, when I would normally be on my third cup of coffee.