Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We're Back!

where to begin? its been so long! so lets start with a few photos. Australia was great. it was wet, but fun. annabelle was able to play at the beach because she was starting to sit up on her own! this is really the first time she did it. we have a ton of photos!

this is us at bells beach watching the surfers.

we take this shot every time with the year

my favorite beach on great ocean road- possibly anywhere

the famous "12 apostles" alf's eyes are closed, but lets pretend they arent. (one day i will be so good at photoshop this wont be an issue, or my big arms)its the only picture we took because the rain clouds were once again moving in and we still had much to see.

the most gorgeous wine vineyard. yep it was raining-again. but at least the usual 5$fee to tour the gardens was waved. i'm sure they thought we were crazy. i tried to capture the beauty, but the whole time i kept thinking "if only amy where here" she would have been able to do it

i drank way too many of these, along with fresh croissants- if you know me, you know i have a problem with my love for those flaky pastries

annabelle was spoiled by family

played with friends

and dress up

(santa's helper) btw- this was going to be a "happy new years" card, since we didnt do christmas ones, but then jet lag happened. whoops!

and we even managed to see some friends

sorry i am looking weird

be back with more later!