Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend Project

I love having a weekend to catch up and needed projects around the house. I decided my old ugly brown door needed a face lift during spring break, but I never uploaded the pictures of it. Due in part to the fact that I got a new camera and wasn't sure exactly how to do it. I had a before picture, but I am pretty sure I deleted it to make room for some other pictures... oops, will upload pics regularly starting now. Anyway here is my "new" rustic blue door. It is kinda hard to see the sanding, but I am loving it!
This weekend we finally got around to hanging the drapes in the living room, it only took the two years we have been here. But I had been dragging my feet, not wanting to plunk down the cold hard cash on them. I had been drooling over these from Pottery Barn for forever. I needed four panels for my bay window, and if it weren't for the $119.00 price tag for each, I would probably have sucked it up.

Then last night, while the husband ditched me on our weekend grocery shopping for the Red Sox, I found in the most unexpected place, the look-alike silk drapes I have been searching for. And the best part, they only cost a whopping $16.00 a panel! Woo-Hoo! So I quickly called the hubs, had him measure the window, just to make sure and picked up the last four in my color. So where did I find these gorgeous drapes you ask? Wal-Mart!! I was so surprised. I couldn't find a picture online of them up close. Here is the before

And the after ( I don't know what I did to the lighting)

And then just one more picture that deserves some attention

And that is the end to another great weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well, not yet... but the good news is we are finally done with the testing!! Yeah!! Which means, we could be there very soon. We are going be doing three rounds of IUI, due to my man hating vagina. The doctor did find some other things in the tubes, but did what could, and apparently doesn't think the rest is a problem. I start on clomid tomorrow. I will use a OPK to detect ovulation. That is the part that makes me nervous, pressure is on to read those colors. I will let them know when I see the color change, and we will go in the next day and fingers crossed, come out pregnant!!

I read that the first artificial insemination was done in 1908 using a donor sperm, which turned out to be the doctor that performed the procedure. He did not tell the husband until the wife became pregnant, and then they both decided not to tell the wife what had happened. Could this really be true?? I am skeptical. But, I do like the fact that it has been successful for over 100 years.

Anyone know anyone that has had a similar experience???