Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Days!

Not the typical Oklahoma snow, which usually comes after a layer of ice and is melted by night and causes so many problems, which is also accompanied by dangerous wind speeds that pelt the snow/ice straight into your face. no, i love the kind that crunches under your boots, falls down in big fat flakes, and comes to stay for awhile. the kind you go sledding, build snowman, and enjoy walking around in.

And this morning I woke up to exactly that. I rolled up the blinds to a beautiful snowy landscape, so much better than ice branches hanging dangerously low, with the sound of them snapping all around.
Of course, staying inside in the warm, couldn't possibly capture it, so i opened up my backdoor and stood in my PJ's to get a better shot. I debated actually getting dressed and going out there, but maybe later.
The other great thing about having snow in Oklahoma is things actually shut down. Life stops, or at least slows down. The hubby and I took full advantage of this and

1. actually cooked and ate breakfast TOGETHER! That almost never happens. As he works Saturday mornings, and Sundays are rushed out the door for church.

2. enjoyed each other. we had fun hanging out and shopping online for Annabelle. we also were able to hang out with friends. a great moment in this aspect of our lives, is some of our closest friends live in the same neighborhood. (although i must make a side note, that one has decided it is time to move, and we are all very sad to see them go) we all got together and had fun playing games (girls won), with the kids dressed in their PJ's playing. it was a lot of fun. i brought my camera to take pics, but never got it out. which is okay i suppose since i was dressed in "snowed in" attire. when Alfie saw me he asked "is that what you are wearing?" of course it was, i replied. to which he answered "i guess its okay, you are pregnant." i would have worn my sweatshirt and ponytail regardless thank you very much.
3. we got a lot done around the house. we had crown molding put in the living room/dinning room and Annabelle's room, plus took down some "decorative" wall paneling from the previous owners. since i have not been able to paint, Alfie has had to do it all between lessons, so it was great to finally get all the painting done, and new curtains rehung. we also cleaned out Alfie's closet, which still doesn't look that cleaned out, so i cannot take a picture until after the closet organizer is installed. and got rid of another car load of things to donate. i figure the more i can do now, without a massive belly, the better.
There are still several things left, such as make a pillow from this bag. I love the burlap and think it will look really well in the living room on the slip covered chair.

But the biggest job left is getting this room ready!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Going for reassurance

but it didn't quite work out that way. after i uploaded the belly shot last night and took another look at it, i still couldn't believe i was that big! i mean i am tall people! and after going to the gym and watching what i am eating, giving into cravings rarely, i have a hard time seeing the scale jump. thus, i made Alfie take another pic, with me wearing the shirt i had worn to work. he was getting frustrated at this point, telling me i look beautiful, relax, you're pregnant... yadda, yadda. but i was convinced he had taken it at a bad angle or the lighting was off. needless to say, what i had intended as reassurance turned out to be more of an eye opener! i really do have a bump, and now when my long-distance friends ask, i know i have to truthfully answer yes, and not "just a small pooch" like i had been saying! sorry guys! it was an unintentional lie.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Miss Annabelle Knox! Yesterday we went in for our ultrasound to find out the gender and after much poking, prodding, and repositioning, we were finally able to get a view of her girly parts. The lady was very nice, and actually very patient, as i was becoming very frustrated with the umbilical cord that refused to be kicked out of the way. We promptly made all the phone calls and texts, then went shopping at Baby Gap. We picked up a few things, went on to Old Navy, Target, and an antique store to pick up a mirror i had been eyeing for a girl's room. We are very excited, and are looking forward to meeting her. She is already very loved and we are praying for her daily.

Our actual first purchase for baby was the changing table/dresser. I picked it up at an estate sale last week, and have already started the sanding process. Here is the before shot with a few minor scratches and what not.

I was a little unsure as to whether a changing pad would fit on the top, so i actually called a few friends, then went out to buy one just to be sure (I'm a visual learner). With Holly's inspiration I am excited to have it finished in the room, with the changing pad and a basket in place. Actually, now that i know the gender i am ready to start buying the whole nursery!

I have been a terrible blogger. In fact, i started this blog a little over a year ago, and i think i might be averaging about two posts a month! I have realized that school leaves me feeling uninspired. Go to work, go to the gym, grocery store, pick up/cook, wash dishes.... it feels very uninspiring, and way too boring to type. But, i am going to try to find some little piece of inspiration every day in something somewhere. I am going to change my view of the daily grind, I suppose it will be a semi-late resolution of sorts.

For now I will leave you with a belly shot. Brace yourself, much has changed in 5 1/2 weeks. Until looking at this shot, I didn't think I was that big. So I will keep it covered and skip the actual bare belly that made me want to shed a few tears. Here I am at 17 1/2 weeks, in all my glory

Side Note- That is an actual black tank top under my white shirt. i was wearing a loose fitting shirt over it that i took off for the photo. I am not trying to revive the 80's

Monday, January 4, 2010


Its off to work I go! If only I were actually smiling and whistling this tune the whole time. After a much needed and much enjoyed break it is hard to return to recess duty and grading. And tomorrow, the kids return. And the second half of the semester will begin.

Its the last 19 weeks of school left. I know I can do this. And here is why. I have already done the break down...

19 weeks total

13 weeks until testing

1 week of state testing

1 week for spring break

3 weeks of four day work weeks

1 week for end of year activities and parties. (This is an important week to count, because grades are already taken and there is very little grading to do).

So actual teaching weeks left to plan/grade for are 13 full weeks and 3 four day work weeks.
I can make it till summer.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ribbon Christmas Trees

Well I finally have two out of three trees in my set done. I have plenty of time to get the right ribbon for the third, as they will be out for Christmas 2010. I really like the fuzzy ends on the brown tree. They look better in person, but I like the way they turned out! Thanks Joi for your help!