Saturday, May 22, 2010


It's a typical Saturday, me at home and alfie working. Been up for an hour or two, and besides having some breakfast i have accomplished nothing. Things i need to do: laundry, sweep, mop, finish the curtains for the nursery, write thank you cards, paint some pots. Things i want to do: sleep. I have zero energy. Surely the three mile walk yesterday didnt do this??

But here is to doing at least one thing today... posting some pics on the ol' blog. These are from the shower the club threw us. I am 33 wk 5 days in the photos.

This one is a little cheesy, i realize, but we seriously have not taken many photos while pregnant, so i thought to include it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Damage and Then Some

Okay, so i thought the worse was a tornado, and because we didnt have a tornado and nothing appeared broken, all was well. Ah hem... not so much. It turns out after doing some drive bys there was lots of damage. I really only took pictures of the uprooted trees, but pretty much all north facing windows were fair game, and most of them lost. So after driving around and talking to a few people, it turns out that even if you do have really great big trees to shield your north face windows, it doesnt do so much for protecting the roof. Yep, its true. We need a new roof. And new home insurance. And I'm going to leave it at that.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Crazy Hail Storm

So we were leaving the shower today when people at the club started coming in saying "tornado will be here in 30 mins., golf ball and baseball size hail." We packed up the car and headed home. I wasnt worried at this point, but we didnt need any hail damage to alfie's new car, so we headed out. Then i returned a missed call to my dad, who was warning us of the weather that was heading our way. This made me a little nervous, because my dad is a lot like me in the fascination of a storm. We unloaded my mom's car so she could beat the storm home herself.

I did turn on the news, but alfie and i started sorting through gifts and putting things where they needed to go. Just as predicted, about 30 minutes later it starts to rain. Then a few sounds of little pieces of hail. Not 10 seconds after that, i am on the couch with alfie and the terrified and scaredy boxer Boston with my camera ( i didnt want to lose my photos from the shower today) and phone in hand. There was no playing anymore! I had never seen anything like it. Hail like you would not believe was coming down. It honestly looked like snow! Combined with the branches, leaves, and heavy rain, i got nervous. Then annoyed. With Alfie. I thought maybe we should go to our safe place, but there was no way he was leaving the show. I did go to the hallway, i must admit, but i couldnt stand not seeing what was happening either, so i got up to watch out the bathroom window. Within 3 minutes of starting it was over, or at least the hail storm. So i snapped some pictures. The shower ones will have to wait for another day.

Right after the hail let up and i felt it safe to go out.

Okay, so it wasnt done raining, but i had to get my neighbor's roof across the street

The backyard

The intersection from our garage door. You can barely see the little white rapid running down the street, but cant really see the massive river...

so i decided to try and walk out into it to see how deep it was. Of course it was freezing so i decided against that, and just stopped at the end of the driveway instead.

Here is my substantial piece of hail i found. At least thats what i thought.

Then alfie showed me what he found. Once again, i had been outdone.
I've got plenty more photos, but they are kinda repeats, so i will have to see if there are any other good ones. I took tons, not really believing how crazy it was. I hope everyone that got hit by the storm is okay!


Oh dear!! I think i may have gotten in over my head! I have absolutely no clue what i am doing. Installing it was hard enough! Can installing new programs be done wrong? I just might have done that if at all possible!! I went to a friend's birthday party and was hoping to just install the program, upload my photos, do a little editing, and have professional photos!

I am going to need to call Amy and bribe her with dinner. She is the photog for my shower pics. Hopefully she can share a few secrets with me, and i can figure this out before Annabelle gets here!

This means i dont have any recent photos to upload (but i will after my shower today), so here are some old ones from Mexico in Jan. I wish i could get flowers to grow like that.

Soon to be daddy

And one of me relaxing poolside. Even though i am not excited to look like a beached whale(all for a good cause of course) i am looking forward to the pool opening so i can enjoy those last moments of just "me time".

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby shower

Oh man! It was a great shower! I was super excited about my beautiful cake that a friend, katie, made! I swear it was prettier than my wedding cake. We took several pics. Even i brought out my camera to capture its beauty, but then i let Amy do the rest of the photography! She did a great job!

Just because it really was so gorgeous here is another pic. Katie copied the flowers off my invitation, and the tulips are my favorite flower!!

Here is a layout of the gorgeous and delicious spread. My sister was up at 4 am to bake a bazillion scones and drive all the way across town. Thank you so much!!

We had a lot of fun opening gifts.
Except for my niece Jordan, who was not too impressed with the bags that you put dirty diapers in when you're out and about. A perfectly captured moment :)

These are the wonderful hostesses. I like these pics in black and white, even though the azaleas blooming were absolutely gorgeous!

This is a good friend that is due in about a week and a half from when this photo was taken!! Does she not look amazing? She had written on facebook that she was resting her ice cream bowl on her belly, so i was looking forward to seeing a belly, so i couldnt believe how small she was when she walked in. My guess is little J is right at 7 lbs. Anyone else have a guess?

It was a really great shower. We got so many things already!! Alfie has already put the swing together. Everyday is filled with anticipation for the big day. I need to take a belly shot, but alfie and i have been on opposite schedules. We have, my mom, has finished the bumpers and they are adorable. I have to get my slipcover for the chair, and finish the curtains, but then i think the nursery will be pretty close to ready. I will start uploading pics then.

Oh and we did sell the petunia pickle bottom on ebay. I'm glad we did. I dont know what i will end up using, but i think i am going to search etsy before i make any decisions.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blog? What Blog?

I wish i had a really good excuse for neglecting the blog world, but i don't. Here i am at 28 wks
And then again with a major pop, it looks like to me, at 30 wks.

I will be officially 32 wks this week, so even this pic is old. But my goal is to get it uploaded and to remain faithful for the duration of the pregnancy. I think i am going to switch to weekly photos now, since there seems to be some major growth going on, but don't hold me to it.

Today when i went shopping i was checking out, and a sweet older lady asked me when i was due, when i told her July 4th, she quickly responded "ooohhh, i don't think you are going to make it. I think she will be early!" I take it i am looking big??

Pregnancy brain has officially hit me. Starting today. In the parking lot. I got lost. Not once, but twice!! The first time was at the mall. I felt like an idiot when two different cars were trying to follow me to my spot, only for me to have to turn around a bazillion times. I had a minor panic attack because i was driving Alfie's car, so i was sure that it had been stolen. I finally found it with phone in hand to call Alfie to tell him that his car was stolen again bc i had forgotten to lock it! I had been looking nowhere near where i had parked either. I should have gone straight home after that, but went to Metro Shoes for mother's day shopping. This time when i couldn't find the car, i wasn't worried, just completely annoyed.

My weight gain at 28 wks was at 15 lbs. It's really the craziest thing, how one day you are feeling good, rocking the bump, and then you walk by a mirror and wonder when the heck you got so big. Just about the time i am feeling comfortable with my belly being that big, it grows again overnight!

Don't get me wrong, i love it. I love knowing that everyday she is growing stronger and it's a day closer to meeting her. I love her constant kicking! She is sooo active. I read that mornings are their least active part of the day, but she is up and moving as soon as i am. Alfie thinks she is practicing her tennis strokes most of the time, but he is also convinced that she likes soccer too. She is not subtle when she moves. If you are around me and watch my belly for 5 minutes you are almost guaranteed to see it go crazy!

I did not pass my glucose test the first time, so i did go back for the 3 hour test. Alfie came and played cards with me, which i totally killed him in... but i ended up passing my test. At least i assume so, as no news is good news. Really, i blame my Dr. for having to back in for the long haul. He didn't tell me not to eat a chocolate bar before i went in. If only i had known, i would have resisted the urge.

I have started experiencing some serious back pains. I don't know how people survive with a sore back. I am a bit dramatic, i know, but seriously the pain has kept me awake for hours unable to sleep. i have found myself on the couch with pillows propping me up in sitting position begging for sleep to come several times now. I like my sleep. I want to sleep. Sitting, standing, laying... it all hurts. I have not gone to the gym this week because the thought makes it hurt worse. I am going to suck it up and go this week. I am. I will. I can do it.

We are starting the childbirth class this week. For the next 3 Monday nights. Alfie actually gets props for organizing this. I mean i do want to know what is going to happen during the hospital stay, but i wasn't exactly looking forward to sitting through lectures about it. When we got the letter with directions to our class it said to bring two bed pillows. Seriously? I thought this was old school? Lamaze is still around? I mean i think i will die laughing if they make me lay on the pillows and practice breathing with Alfie "coaching" me through a contraction. Is that really going to prepare me for the intense pain of labor? I think not. I was thinking more of learning about what to expect when you check in, how to get your name on the list for an epidural ASAP upon arrival, how to know you're actually in labor... those kinda things. We are not taking any other classes. I know many friends have taken the breast feeding class, but i figure if i need help i will take full advantage of the free lactation consultant at the hospital. I had a friend that was not worried about labor, but about breastfeeding. She ended up having a c-section, not knowing what was going on when they took her in for it bc she skipped that chapter, and breastfeed completely fine. I tend to worry more about the pain of labor, and thinking the feeding will happen. I wonder if i am jinxing myself on this?? I seriously hope not, as i plan on doing cloth diapering, and i hear formula smells so much worse.

The nursery is coming along too! That part is really exciting. I have to sew the curtains, and i am waiting for the slipcover to be finished this week, along with the bumper pads. After that it is pretty much hanging things up and waiting for baby to come!

And finally, on a completely different note. I know many people use those ticker things to count the days left of pregnancy, i would like to give you the count downs i am currently thinking about.
  • 15 (work) days-School is almost out!! It is almost summer, I will officially be a career woman no more. There might be a teeny tiny ounce of sadness about this, but i have yet to find it. I have even started cleaning out my classroom and mentally calculating what i will be taking and tossing.
  • 10 days- till i turn 28. I love, love, love my birthday. Always have, and probably always will. It really is more like birthday week, especially when it falls during the week. I am taking school off, and am planning on doing a brunch with the girls. If you are reading this then you are officially invited! Who knows what else i will do to celebrate. My husband always spoils me. He does all the time, but he really goes all out for my birthday. He is so awesome, he humors me, knowing how much i love it.
  • 3 wks- till i am 35 weeks pregnant. I know that at some point at 35 wks there are only 35 DAYS , days people!!, left of pregnancy. This milestone will occur during the last week of school and it couldn't be a better combo.
So in a nutshell, or an essay i suppose at this point, this is what has been happening around here. If anyone made it through all that i am impressed. A special apology to Milena and Victoria about the slack.