Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A little this and a little that

I've had this grapevine forever!! And finally thought I would put it to use when I found a whole lotta stuff on clearance at Michaels. Not quite sure what look I was going for so I just started sticking stuff in there. (please forgive the photo quality... i should have used the flash)
Ahhh, the flash. It looks sooo much better.

The finished project. It isn't quite this dark, and the jewels(thats all the white dots) blend better then they look in the photo

But I am much happier with my fall wreath then what I was currently welcoming visitors with


Happy Fall!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What have I been doing?

Well, getting with the spirit and doing some decorating...

Getting my toes done with friends, sorry no action shot, much too busy catching up!

Reading this book. I'll let you know what I think when I finish

Helping the economy and updating my fall clothes. My sweet husband spent Saturday shopping with me for fall attire (his idea) and then took me for ice cream!

Watching this movie! Seriously started tearing up for the polar bears! Great watch, only a dollar at Red Box!

Shout out!

To the awesome McConathy Family!!

Blog?? What blog??

I've been caught blog stalking by friends. I have been checking out their blogs forever, but did not let them in on my secret blog... not that I have so much interesting things to say, but so that when I complain here, they do not have to read about it.

However, knowledge that my friends may occasionally pop over to say hi means I had better give this blog a little TLC, which has been way overdue.

So what have I been doing? Mostly teaching my attentive and very well behaved 23 students(yeah right, note the sarcasm). Then coming home to the usual things like cleaning, cooking, walking dogs and perhaps a little reading before being totally useless. The gym has been a no-go. Except for the Monday night interval intensity class that a friend and I catch. Now that it is fall though, I am willing myself to get back into running. I have been buying shorts, but not wearing them. I also bought that Nike thingy that goes in my shoe and calculates how much I have run, if only I would go running. A new school year can really take it out of you, at least until you get back into the grove.

I also went on a short little vacation to Alaska with my family. Here are a few of my favorite pictures. There are a ton more. I took more pictures in this week, then I did the whole of last summer in Europe. Probably due to playing around with my new camera, but there was so much to see. These pictures don't do it an ounce of justice either, it is definitely a must see!

This is in Anchorage, on our first day.
The beautiful Exit Glacier that is connected to Harding Ice Field, the largest ice field in the world. It was a LONG, but gorgeous hike up to.
Exit Glacier. We were in short sleeves, until you got this close, then it was crazy freezing from the Glacier winds. It was fun to hear it "talk to you". A lot noisier then expected.

Kenai Fjords. I forget the exact name of the Glacier, but we are about a mile and half out from the base. It looked a ton closer. We watched it break and crack into the ocean. Possibly my most favorite thing we did. SO BEAUTIFUL.Is it weird this picture makes me thing of fall? The leaves were starting to change while we were there, and the cool weather... If it weren't fort those 165 inches of snow annually, I could totally be Alaskan. The silt from the glacier made the most beautiful blue/green contrast with the trees. Have I mentioned it was gorgeous??

We had a great time. Everyone was able to make it, except my brother, who was sorely missed. We did not see any grizzly bears, though I was bound and determined to see them. We spent the whole last day "hunting" them through the Russian River area. Besides some serious footprints, we didn't see much. I also wanted to see a moose. I came home with a moose mug instead!