Monday, August 16, 2010

My Favorite Mug Just Got More Character

It is a very sad day at my house today. I walked into the kitchen to see my favorite coffee cup, brought back from Poland, has lost its handle.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Remember hearing the phrase "oh, enjoy each other now, because when that baby is born, it's not about you anymore!" Mostly from parents whose kids were grown or almost out of the house. I heard this sooo many times, especially when i was a week overdue, that i was tired of hearing it! Yesterday it popped back into my head as I had my first experience where i had to say no to something i really wanted to do, but knew it wasnt in annabelle's best interest to do- we did not make it to my high school friend's wedding reception. We did make it to her gorgeous wedding, which is the most important part i suppose.

alfie was in dallas with his brother, so i was on my own. she did great during the wedding, but we were both getting hot by the end of the ceremony and when i went to put her in her car seat in 107 degree temps (at 7p!), there was some protesting. the reception was not far, so there wasnt really anytime to cool off between locations. the thought of having to get her in and out of her car seat fussy, hot, and getting hungry, didnt seem very nice. especially since i knew she wouldnt last at the reception for very long. I had even pulled into a parking spot and was starting to take her out, but looked at her hot and crying face, and knew i should probably just take her home.

I know the bride saw me, and i got a chance to talk with another long lost friend for about 5 minutes (until bridesmaid duties took her away), so i feel good that she knows i came. But after sitting in the back and seeing a whole sect of people from high school that i had totally forgotten about, i was really looking forward to catching up with some of them. After all the work of getting ready and being there on time, i was/am disappointed. in the end though, it wasnt about me.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy One Month

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I didnt quite make it in time for a "wordless wednesday" to post pics of my sweet girl, so i'll just post what i am so thankful for.

Time spent with daddy

Being read to and bonding with abuelita

Hanging with Uncle Alex

Playing with the my best buds
Smiling at mommy

Monday, August 9, 2010

Life Has Changed

In a very good way. One week and 2 days overdue, we finally met our daughter. Wide eyed and with the cutest pouty face ever!! I had to post this pic, she seriously meet the world with this face.
A lot has been going on. Its been so much fun becoming a mommy and learning new things!!
A few things i have learned thus far.
Breastfeeding- this in itself went well. It was more the pumping that i was/am massively confused about. When to pump, how to store it, warm it, save/label it for freezer use. How long can it be left out? Reheated? A series of questions that i cant even remember. These have been the most recent, as we are getting ready to introduce the bottle.
The Boob Flu (aka Mastitis)- sucks! so do cracked nipples and apparently can be the cause of this horrible flu.
Recovery-it is an 8 step process to go to the bathroom for at least 10 days after delivery. I know the steps bc i explained it to my husband. I was super vigilant about the process because i got mastitis during the first week, and i wasnt taking any risks of infection anywhere else. i dont do sick well.
Letting go of preconceived notions- this is a really good idea, otherwise you might drive yourself crazy. Like my ideas about how objects can form bad habits.
  • no pacifier- i now have two and have thought it a good idea to buy some more, so never to be caught without one.

  • no swing- she takes daily naps in this life saver, and occasionally has used it at night when nothing else will put her to sleep. i feel like i need a swing in my living room, her room, and our bedroom. i still struggle with how much time she should actually spend in here, so it is a last resort (that is being used more and more).
Then there were things that i didnt know about it. Such as being told by her ped. not to use a sleep positioner or laying baby on side for sleeping... it increases the risk for SIDS. I'm not sure i totally agree with that piece, so we still do this. Clearly she loves it. This is her standard sleep position. I cant change this, its just too cute.

There is so much. Mostly i have learned to relax more and not stress out so much. Roll with the punches. Try to get on a schedule but dont freak that she doesnt remember that schedule. This makes her (and i) much happier!
This is what she has been learning, and she is getting really good at it. Melts my heart every time!