Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

On this glorious sunny hot celebration I will be finishing my kitchen cabinets. It was this weekend because Alfie doesn't have to work, or probably never. I will never be so glad to have a project done. It feels like forever. After this we have to paint our living room and get our new couch (this weekend) yay!! Curtains in the guest room, and finishing out a few more little projects I have started. All this before Australia... hmmm, we'll see. We didn't take a before shot, but this photo shows the whole ugly wood thing going on. Plus my hot husband and adorable fur babies!

The Before:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Frame Collage

I have been working on our guest room slowly. Trying to figure out what I really like and what style I am going for, before purchasing items. I always change my mind, because my inspiration is always changing. A lot of very creative bloggers out there. :) One of which gave me the idea to do a frame collage. Check her blog here. So I think I maybe hung the frames a little high, I have discovered that I am horrible at finding the right level. I am hoping to build some height with covered books, yet to be done.
I am also picking out curtain fabric (hanging on the lamp).

Yep, after looking at it again I am sure that I will have to move my collage down about 2 inches...Boo!


And the garage sale begins. My mom, sister, niece, and I went early Saturday to find our "treasure". At first we didnt find a whole thought, and driving back home when we found a church garage sale. And I found all these frames, and a movie for Joe for a total of $5.

This is the before, full of potential... I am seeing good things!

Friday, May 15, 2009


The longing in her eyes is the leash I have dangling over her head. :)


W are looking for a new couch. When we first got married, we had absolutely no furniture. And we had a little money that needed to go a long way. That being said, we got micro suede couch and love seat in a style that we liked. Since getting two dogs and moving, it is evident that the time is now. I am absolutely loving the high "shelter arms" on this couch from Restoration Hardware. It looks cozy and inviting. We don't pull of "formal living" and I think this gives more of a cottage/country vibe. I am having trouble deciding what color of stripe to go with. Here are the options as of now. This first one my husband picked out. At first I wasn't sure because of the gray color, but I am starting to come around due to it looking so relaxed and comfy.Then there is the neutral color. I originally wanted to go with another neutral color couch because of the versatility, but with Wally... not sure it would stay clean...

Than the last is the cafe stripe. Cafe to me sounds brown, but when I look at the pic it doesn't really look that brown.Any suggestions? If I spend the money on this couch than I want to keep it forever, but knowing me I change my mind after a couple of years, and need change, this being said which one do you think would be the most versatile?

Thursday, May 14, 2009


This little guy might look cute, but he is a devious trouble maker. Somewhere last night between me taking a shower and Alfie on a business call, we realized Wally was MIA. After five minutes of panic, we realized the dog had a new talent to add to his growing list of chewing up furniture and getting out of a padlocked kennel. He can open a locked storm door. Luckily he went down the path of our usual walk, and Alfie spotted him somehow in the pitch black night.

We assumed last night that the door had not been shut properly and he just poked his nose out. But today as I am cleaning I heard the door bang open, which I had just locked due to last nights little incident, and discovered Wally had broken loose again to say hi to the neighbors and numerous cars driving by. So now we know, locked or not he can and will get out. Seriously, going to start calling him Houdini! Yeah, put your ears back, I am still mad at you!!!

Since he was not cooperating for photos I got my practice in with my garden starting to bloom

Clematis- Surprised to see it blooming this year, as I thought I had killed it!

My Whirling Butterflies and Dianthus

It might not look like much, but this has come along way from huge overgrown holly bushes. My father-in-law spent his time visiting us doing home projects and gardening. More work still needs to be done, but we now lovingly refer to this as "Dimi's garden". Thanks Dimi- you are the best!!!!

Round II

First IUI was unseccessful. This sounds better to me than "failed". I go in today for an ultrasound to check for cysts from the fertility meds. If all looks good I assume I can start round 2.

UPDATE: All is well. No cysts no residual follicles. Upped the clomid dosage and ready to try again.