Monday, August 10, 2009

Grand Lake

The last weekend of summer. I report back on Friday, exactly one day after removing all four of my wisdom teeth. I know, its going to be rough, but at the time of making the appointment two weeks earlier, I didn't think i was going to make it this long. When i called i wanted to go in that day and have them removed. I have been putting this off for 6 years. It is time.

And so my last weekend of freedom from school and pain, was spent at Grand Lake. Our friends bought a house recently and invited us up for the weekend. We had a blast!! Minus a near death experience when the boat thought about sinking while i was sitting in the front.

Here are a few pics

I am sitting on a cooler and the littlest child was taking the picture

Heading off to the day dock
Waiting for the others to play
Sisterly loveGolf cart included with houseYes these sandwiches deserve a picture.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome Kara!!

The most awesomest chica is finally making an appearance in the blogging world!! And I am sooo excited!! I cant wait to read all about the house they have just started building and their adorable bulldog, Boss.

I really got to know Kara about three years ago. She got a job at my school the day before school started, because she is just that awesome and no interview or resume was required. She is friendly and outgoing and makes friends with EVERYONE!! The whole school was sad to lose her, as she was the social butterfly that visited with every teacher. Somewhat spontaneously we planned a backpack trip to Europe. It was awesome!! She is a kindred spirit that loves spontaneity, she is always up for a new adventure!

Kara moved to Arkansas when she realized she loved her soon -to- be- husband "more than air". They are a great couple and I have been hoping they would move back eventually. Now that they are building a house, i think it is time to face the facts... now that she will be posting like mad (more than once a week :) ) i think i will be able to except it!