Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lazy Summer Days

Yep. That has been my wonderful life. Beautiful hot weather requires plenty of pool time, which is the only thing I really enjoy doing during the summer. It also explains the reason I am not outside today, 6 loads of laundry are awaiting. So while I am waiting for the next load to fold, I thought I would share a few pictures of finished projects and what I have managed to squeeze in between laying out and... um, more laying out. Man it is going to suck going back to work in August...

Anyway. Here is one of the frames I bought at a garage sale a while back, now hanging in the kitchen framing a magnetic/chalkboard that I made.

And my new kitchen. Ugly and outdate brown to antiqued cream. Add some new hardware and a few rugs... viola. Now light and airy. I. Love.

Let me just add, that we have 28 doors in our kitchen. I didnt count the drawers, so that is 28 doors alone!!! It took forever! I hope I never have to do a paint project that big again. Although as soon as we get back from vacation we are planning on painting the living room... which will take some time, but I think I can handle doing just walls.

We finally picked out a new sofa. Nothing like the one we wanted from Restoration Hardware, which was discontinued (boo). But it is comfortable and I love all the pillows. We are still playing around with positioning furniture. We removed the loveseat to open the space up, and brought in a chair that was previously in the study. The trunk is temporary or permanant. Can't really decide. We will be painting the walls Cafe au latte from Restoration Hardware. It should help open the space a bit more. Out with the brown! And of course we still need a coffee table... but here is what we have so far (suggestions are welcome, as i am impaired at decorating)

Forgive the dog barrier on the couch. It was the first day, and they were a litle too excited about the new scent. I need to get a better picture....

Friday, June 5, 2009


Finished with the kitchen. And... The Twilight Series. I broke down, and then got sucked in. In my defense it is the hubs who rented the video that started it all. Until watching the video, I wanted nothing to do with the vampire fad. But then I watched and realized this was more than blood sucking vampires. It is a love story. Will it go down as the best love stories such as Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, Romeo and Juliet, Noah and Allee (the notebook). Not sure I will go that far, but it is one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I wont admit how quickly I read them, but I did fall off the face of the earth until it was finished. I might have even finished one and then went to buy the next one that very night... ugh. Shameful.

Anyway, besides Bella's happy ever after, we have finished our kitchen. And a few other projects I had laying around waiting to be completed. So now I just need to post them. That is to come. Right now my stomach is growling and the Mr. is taking me out!