Saturday, March 13, 2010

24 wks

One month left of my second trimester! I really think the longest part of any trimester are the last four weeks. You cannot wait to be out of the first trimester, where you're back to feeling good, and telling everyone your news. And even though i am feeling great, and loving this middle trimester, i know that when i get to my third i am in the home run stretch to meeting our little girl. At times i still get a little nervous about all the changes that are ahead, but at the same time i get a little more excited as well.

Second tri recap:

  • Feeling great. Have been swimming more, now that it isn't so cold. I have officially said goodbye to running or walking on the treadmill, due to some curious pain.

  • She has been very active. i started feeling her move at 16 wks, but not consistently until around 18 wks, which is also when Alfie was able to start feeling her movements. Lately her movements have been changing from little kicks to bigger movements across more of my stomach. I have been very amused to watch my shirt spasm in different directions all of a sudden. Alfie is still not patient enough to watch this.

  • When i rest my arms on my stomach she will kick them, however lately when i feel her move and i put my hand there she stops. That is getting a little annoying bc i love feeling her kick my hand.

Here i am at 24 wks and feeling great!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Good intentions gone wrong

Ever have a day where you have the best of intentions, wanting to help someone else by trying to ease the load they have to carry, only to have it quickly turn into one huge hot mess?


Well let me tell you, that has been my day today, and it has 100% sucked. I have learned a valuable lesson i suppose. I will think twice before offering help, especially if my help also includes another individual. I will not assume anything- never, ever again. And i will most definitely try to grow thicker skin.

I now feel more like an inconvenience and a bit of an idiot.

Another hard life lesson learned.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I shouldn't judge

I had my 24 wk appointment this morning, 9:45am. We walked in, sat down, and i immediately judged the VERY pregnant lady sitting down and eating a bag of Doritos for breakfast. We were both called in at the same time, but she was there first, so it was only fair that she be weighed first.

Yeah, she had lost a pound from her last weigh in!! What the heck? Seriously i have yet to see the scale go down since being pregnant. Perhaps she is on to something, and i shouldn't have judged so harshly!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I heart my stroller

We actually went just to look, but found this on clearance... and i absolutely love it, color and all, so we went ahead and bought it! Usually for big purchases i need to walk away and come back if i still want it, as i don't want to be too spontaneous or have buyers regret, but not once have i regretted this stroller. It is perfect for what i was looking for and wanting. I am more excited about this then the crib. Speaking of crib, i was reminded that the finished crib was never displayed...I am working on the crib bedding, but cannot decide on anything. I am having trouble pinking out a pink that i love, but that will match future pink purchases. As you can see there are fabric samples all over the crib. I am pretty sure i know what i am going to go with, but making the final decision is one of the many goals planned for spring break. Needless to say we will be busy.

It is a little early yet, as this is a pic of the belly at 23 wk 2 d, but for my mother in law... here is the latest baby bump.

I am feeling her move like crazy all the time. I have been enjoying watching my shirt move with each of her little kicks. Alfie is getting tired of staring at my shirt :) She moves the most in the morning, and i am thinking i better start changing my ways and prepare to become a morning person!! I am getting more excited to meet her every day.